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Our goal is to develop new therapies for the treatment of patients with blood cancers. Our research focuses on understanding the biology of cancer cells and the biology of lymphocytes that have the ability to eliminate the cancer cells. In addition, we develop novel biologics such as engineered antibodies and cell therapies that can kill cancer cells, while sparing the healthy tissues.   

Cell signaling

Lymphocytes play a pivotal role in recognizing and eliminating abnormal cells such as cancer cells. We study the basic biology of lymphocyte activation in order to develop improved strategies for the prevention and treatment of various hematologic cancers.

Antibody therapies

Cancer-targeting antibodies, are a promising class of biopharmaceuticals that specifically attack cancer cells and have improved the lives of patients worldwide. We generate such antibodies with the goal of treating patients with hematologic malignancies.

Cell therapies

Cell therapies including CAR T cells and bone marrow transplant represent a revolutionary approach in cancer therapy. Cell therapies utilize living immune cells to eliminate cancer cells with remarkable precision. We engineer cell therapies with the goal of treating a range of hematologic cancers. 

Clinical reports

Our clinical reports describe the outcomes of patients with various blood cancers that receive novel antibodies and cell therapies. 



1650 Orleans Street, CRB1, Room 3M90, Baltimore, MD 21287



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